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"By touching a body, we touch every event it has experienced. For a few brief moments, we hold all of a clients stories in our hands. We witness someone's experience of their own flesh through some of the most powerful means possible, the contact of our hands, the acceptance of the body without judgement and the occasional listening ear. 


With these gestures, we reach across the isolation of the human experience and hold another persons legend."


- Tracy Walton LMT MS, "The Health History of a Human Being" Massage Therapy Journal-Winter 1999 (with permission)

Our vision - at Maui Academy of Healing Arts is to provide you with the broadest educational content available today. Many core concepts and practices that have accompanied massage training over the last 30 years have grown and shifted dramatically. The science and art of critical thinking, research/reasoning and their place in pain management is reaching exciting new ground and we are committed to bringing these concepts into the compassionate classroom of NOW. 

Our philosophy - is one that supports our students in safely experiencing the social and psychological aspects of the important work we do.   While our hands manifest a mechanical expression of our work, our hearts and minds express a presence of love and healing for our fellow humans. Understanding how the science of massage has caught up to the magic of massage is key in developing ethical and honorable habits for both ourselves and those we serve. 

Our curriculum - provides our students a completely unique cross-training in massage modalities that cultivate a "whole-body, whole-practice" career path.  An introduction to Eastern, contemporary and traditional Hawaiian methodology is blended with exciting new pain experience research and a client-centered practice while additional treatment approaches such as Thai Bodywork and Ashiatsu Barefoot serve to ensure that our graduates will be strong and successful in long-term, multi-faceted employment with private practice, spas, wellness cooperatives and clinical settings in Hawai'i and across the world.  


Our faculty - are dedicated, highly experienced professionals. Our local instructors are masters in their field with decades of teaching experience and professional practice. We also provide instruction from internationally renowned practitioners and trainers that are built right into the foundational program at no additional cost. These teachers create and deliver customized experiences in our unique program that cannot be found in any other massage school in the country. Many schools offer "advanced" training above and beyond the foundation, MAHA customizes the advanced instructor to deliver an integrative experience to our students that is vastly more beneficial to their learning progression. 

Our supervised clinic - gives our students valuable hands-on experience with their developing massage art.  Our staff is present during these public clinics to provide hands-on, real-time feedback and support.  Connecting with the community to provide healthy, heart centered care and receive gentle feedback is a beautiful way to explore the cultivation of the therapeutic relationship. The value of practice is transcendent to any training, waking up the hands and body requires time and patience.

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