650 Hour Intensive

7 Month Program

650 Hour Hybrid Online/Part-time

12 Month Program 

100 Hour Advanced Certification Course

Offered twice per year during the March/August Intensive Program

Maui Academy has two, 7 month intensive programs that begin respectively in the first week of March and August of each year and one, 12 month hybrid online/part-time program beginning August of each year.  


Each program is a 3 day-per-week schedule designed to accommodate working individuals, family obligations and time for personal integration of the academic process. Each program contains identical curriculum content.

Our programs are also structured so that upon scheduled completion, there is ample time to submit your completed application for the next testing cycle for the Hawai'i State exam. You may view the most current testing schedule here.


August 2021

7 Month Intensive

Mondays 9 AM-6 PM

Wednesdays 9 AM-6 PM

Saturdays 9 AM-6 PM

August 2021 Advanced Certification

Schedule TBD (additional days within the session)

August 2021 - September 2022

12 Month Hybrid Online/Part-time*

Thursdays 6PM-8PM Online

Fridays 6PM -8PM Online

Sunday 9AM-6PM 


March 2022

7 Month Intensive

Tuesdays 9 AM-6 PM

Thursdays 9 AM-6 PM

Fridays 9 AM-6 PM

March 2022 Advanced Certification

Schedule TBD (additional days within the session)

*Several class modules will be required in a workshop/intensive format and several Sundays throughout the year will be free of class scheduling to allow for breaks. Details will be given upon application.



The State of Hawai'i requires that an approved massage program includes a minimum of 420 documented hands-on hours to apply for licensure.  In addition to meeting this requirement through class practice, we have an instructor supervised public clinic. Students are required to complete 200 total hours of supervised clinic during their program in addition to the classroom modules. 


School instructors interact with the students during their clinic hours to provide feedback, demonstration and answers to both student and client questions regarding their treatment.


Learning is enhanced in this way by experiencing real-time instructor observation and correction. Students are encouraged to form rapport with their clients and develop the professional skills they will need to be competitive professionally.

Clinic Schedule - August 2021

 7 Month Intensive

Mondays 2 PM-6 PM 

Wednesdays 2 PM-6 PM 

Saturdays 2 PM-6 PM

Clinic Schedule - August 2021

12 Month Hybrid Online/Part-time

Sundays 2-6 PM 


Clinic Schedule - March 2022

 7 Month Intensive

Tuesdays 2 PM-6 PM 

Thursdays 2 PM-6 PM 

Fridays 2 PM-6 PM