We are always excited to speak personally with interested students about our program details, the potential student's life situation or simply to answer questions.  Please feel free to call the school at any time or send us an email.  808-879-4266 or info@mahamaui.com 


Admissions Process -

-Students must be 18 years of age or older to attend class, have graduated high school or obtained their GED.

-An application must be submitted to the school with a non-refundable 100$ application fee. You may apply and pay online here.

-A formal entrance interview will be conducted once the complete application is received, either in person, by phone or Skype with the school Principal and an Instructor. Upon final acceptance, the application fee will serve to hold the student's place in the class until registration during the first week of class.

To assure quality of instruction, a maximum of 12 students are accepted for each program start date. 


Tuition and Fees -

- Application fee (non-refundable) 100$. 

-Our base tuition for the 4 month intensive program, including GET tax of 4.16% is 11,500$.  


-Tuition includes- 

  • ​Oil/Lotion/Product and Bottle Holster

  • Student Insurance ABMP

  • Student Clinic T-shirt

  • New Student Binder

  • One set of COMPHY Spa Sheets

  • Student CPR Certification Adult/Infant

- Book fees are a one time cost of 305$. *book fees may vary based on shipping cost and availability.

-Mosby's Pathology for Massage Therapists - Salvo, Fourth Edition

-Massage Therapy Principles and Practice - Salvo, Sixth Edition

-Trail Guide to the Body - Revised Fifth Edition

-Communication and Ethics for Bodywork Practitioners - Holland/Anderson

Understanding your Student Clinic as it relates to tuition -


The community student clinic at MAHA provides an enriching opportunity for students to practice their skills and receive real-time instruction and correction from their clinic supervisor before venturing out into professional life.


The State of Hawaii has a higher number of required “hands-on” or practical hours than any other state licensing board in the US! This places our students at a great advantage with experience above other programs across the country when applying for employment positions in all facets of our profession, or cultivating a private practice. Of the total required hours to be documented prior to application for licensure, 420 of these hours are to be “hands-on” practical hours per Hawaii State law.


Because we believe ethically that as many practical hours as possible should be completed within a robust curriculum, rather than fulfilled entirely in our student clinic. We require that each student only complete 100 of their hours working in our community clinic, consisting of 80 hours of actual massage sessions and 20 hours of credit towards record keeping, sanitation and operations. This 20 hours is credited from the time scheduled in between clients on the table.


The average market value of massage school tuition across the country is between $13,000 and $16,000 for a 600-650 hour program. We recognize that our students must meet the higher hands-on requirement for the State of Hawaii, so we allow the out-of-pocket portion of our tuition ($11,500) to be less than competitive nationally. This reflects the understanding that the student's commitment in the clinic represents the additional market value tuition for their program, paid by the public for their service.

100% of the price for treatment in the clinic remains with the school, as per State law and is calculated into each hour of credit.  It is the students responsibility to complete their entire student clinic module per our student clinic policies, or they will not receive transcript credit for their clinic portion of the program.

-MAHA is approved to receive VA benefits for tuition on behalf of our service men and women.

-The Hana Lima Scholarship available through AluLike.org for those of Native Hawaiian descent may provide tuition funds upon application.  You can find additional information on their process here

Personal Loan Portal

Maui Academy works with Flexxbuy to offer financing for our full tuition and fees. These plans allow for longer re-payment periods and smaller monthly payments to those who qualify. You can apply and receive a quick decision on your personal loan by following this link. Pre-qualify without  disturbing your credit score. You may apply for the entire amount of tuition, including all fees except the application fee.

Payment Options-In House

We allow our students to finance their tuition in-house under the following payment terms. Exact due dates for payment terms will be established at the beginning of each program and signed by the student in a payment contract agreement. These payment terms are inclusive of tuition only, and do not reflect book fees.

*Finance rate applies to the amount of $11,500 base tuition only. Payment amounts below include interest.

Option I - 2 payments of 6,095$ (made the first and third month of the session). 

*6% finance fee* 

Option II - 4 payments of 2,902(made every month).

*9% finance fee*