Our Community Clinic provides an opportunity for MAHA students to work with the public and refine their skills alongside their training.  Our clinic is performed "community style" in a quiet, clean and relaxing atmosphere that provides a semi-private space for each guest session. Draping is always observed and a clinic supervisor provides feedback or assistance periodically to both student and guest throughout the session.

As we are a massage therapy school and not a professional spa, our first priority is the support of our students in their education.  Requests for gender preference or modality/level of expertise cannot be guaranteed.  Every student is our "best" student and repeated requests of this type after booking an appointment may result in a denial of your booking and a referral out to licensed professional services to better meet your needs. 

Please review our cancellation policy on our booking website after scheduling. 

60 minute Student Clinic Treatment - 40$

 60 minute, 4 Hands Student Clinic Treatment - 80$


120 minute Student Clinic Treatment - 80$