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E Komo Mai…….


Our vision at Maui Academy of Healing Arts is to provide a passionate, progressive and holistic education that is the foundation for a lasting and fulfilling vocation as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  


We dedicate ourselves to guiding you in discovery of your own unique expression of healing by integrating core concepts of Eastern, contemporary and traditional Hawaiian methods of bodywork. 


Training your entire body to facilitate this work through Thai Massage, Ashiatsu Barefoot Bodywork and other paths to career longevity, we honor ourselves so that we may work in lasting and profound service to others. 

Me ke aloha pau 'ole.

Maui Academy of Healing Arts

founded 1988

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310 Ohukai Rd.

Suite 318

Kihei, HI 96753


808.879.4484 FAX

Thank you for your interest in our school! An administrator will contact you very soon. Please feel free to contact us via phone if you have immediate questions. Mahalo!


What the professionals say - 

"As I teach seminars all over the world, I must say that the Maui Academy of Healing Arts in Kihei, Hawai'i was beyond a pleasant surprise.


The school is very contemporary, and has a positive energy beyond description. The decor has classic photos and amazing art work that is so traditional of the healing environment of Hawaii. But even more amazing, was kindness shown by the Principal, Carmel Andrews. If I was considering attending a massage school,  I would fall in love with this place for so many reasons.


As a published author and International Presenter I can assure you I will return to teach at this school every year until I retire from this great manual therapy profession. Mahalo! "


-James Waslaski LMT, AA, CPT (NASM) 

Author & International Presenter 

Massage Hall of Fame 2008

What our current students say - 

"MAHA is a learning experience unlike any other. 


When I found MAHA, I was amid the journey of re-writing my purpose in life. I always thought of myself as a healer but never resonated with big pharma and the way the traditional health care system was set up. MAHA’s curriculum aligned with the hands-on healing I was attracted to. While MAHA does not push for anyone to support or follow any sort of religion or practice, they gracefully incorporated many of the spiritual lessons that have been blooming in my life. The instructors at MAHA are engaging and each have their own unique style of helping students be able to not only perform, but also understand the techniques provided and their background.  The classes that have resonated with me thus far are Eastern Theory and Mana Lomi with Maka’ala Yates. In these courses, we dive deep into long-standing healing and how to incorporate them in our daily practices as Massage Therapists. My experience with MAHA has been nothing but an exciting ride with amazing people!" -Alyshalia B, student of Spring 2021

"Coming into Maui Academy of Healing arts I didn’t know what to expect.


Immediately the first day everyone was welcoming and open. We started to change from the first day and are continuing to become better versions of our selves. Not only are the teachers knowledgeable but also very understanding and there for you for anything. We are challenged every class to push our understanding of the body and to be respectful to each other. Not even half way through and I feel like I understand more about the body than I ever have and how to heal and help people who are needing. This has been the best change I have made and would not imagine where I would be if I had to decided to apply to Maui academy of Healing Arts!" - Ethan M, student of Spring 2021

"Since my first day at MAHA I have been continuously reassured that this was the right choice for me.


Within the first week I was fully immersed into a like-minded, driven and passionate community of peers and teachers. I often can’t believe I only started this journey a few months ago given the confidence I feel in a wide variety of massage modalities and the positive feedback I’ve received from clients in our student clinic. I’m so thankful for the patience and committed attention of my teachers. I’ve been exposed to several different techniques of massage as well as different perspectives of life, all of which have been as equally gratifying as the educational aspect of MAHA. I know that I’ll graduate with all the tools I need to create the path I see for myself in massage therapy, along with several genuine friendships! At MAHA it’s about more than just massage. It’s about connection, growth, and utilizing the power we all have to affect others in a healing and nurturing way. Thanks MAHA!!" - Madi S, student of Spring 2021

"My experience at MAHA has been incredible so far!


Even though I’m not even 3 months in, I feel like I can give an incredible and therapeutic massage already. I came in having only received a handful of professional massages, with no experience giving bodywork myself. I really love the pace of the program, I feel like I’ve been fully immersed in this world and everyone has learned so quickly! There is a really great balance of schoolwork /classroom hours and also hands on work, practicing and trading with the other classmates. The community at MAHA has been so uplifting, and I’ve been able to make so many friends through the class. Learning all of the different modalities with the different staff and instructors has been so valuable. The variety has been key in finding what works for me and what I want to practice as a licensed massage therapist. Carmel and the instructors are also flexible and super understanding that life happens which I appreciate. Overall, I’m super happy with MAHA and my decision to change career paths." -Diamond S, student of Spring 2021

"MAHA has been the perfect school for me!


I’ve already learned so much more than I anticipated. Not only do I feel confident as a massage therapist, I’m so much more knowledgeable about the human body as a whole, energetic fields, and even Hawaiian culture! I’m so impressed by the variety of instructors they bring in to teach, ensuring all of their students are well-rounded in many modalities and giving every opportunity to hear different opinions and perspectives. Not only have the things I’ve learned hugely impacted my career, they’ve also impacted my daily life. Such a fun, safe, hands-on, loving environment. I look forward to going to school each day!"-Brianna M, student of Spring 2021



"MAHA has been a valuable resource both academically and socially.


In late 2020, I was experiencing burnout with online college courses. I felt lost with what I wanted to do, and I feel very fortunate that MAHA found me! Through varying modules taught by veteran practitioners, the school supplies us students with the techniques to go out into the world and develop our own unique style. My favorite module so far has been Mana Lomi with Maka’ala Yates, where we learned traditional Hawaiian massage methods as well as the spiritual meanings behind the practice itself. The most impactful aspect of the program for me is the opportunity to practice on different people in both classroom and clinic settings, and receive bodywork from my fellow classmates. I have made lifelong friends because of MAHA and received an abundance of knowledge that I will carry through my career wherever it may take me."

- Sam W, student Spring 2021

"When one becomes a therapist, they have to go through stages of vulnerability.


MAHA is a school that offers a comforting and encouraging environment to explore these vulnerable moments. The teachers offer guidance throughout our journey and practice patience and understanding knowing that everyone grows at their own speed. All of us here have the desire to help people. Having this common ground makes for a fabulous foundation of friends. You spend a lot of time getting to know your classmates on a more profound level which in itself brings its own basket of lessons and blessings. Many of us have just started our massage journey but we all still have so many tricks and techniques to exchange with each other. Students here are treated with trust and respect which goes a long way. We can speak up and discuss all topics of concern in an open and unbiased location. There’s never fear to think or try out things in an alternative light. This is one of my favorite aspects of the school. You’re free to be the truest version of you in an environment of love and support." - Sarah W, student of Spring 2021

"MAHA stands out from other massage programs for its thoughtful and forward-thinking curation of class content.


I appreciate how I’m exposed to many different forms and styles of healing, and from there I can choose what resonates best for me personally. I love that Lomi Lomi and Ashiatsu are integrated into our program! 


I feel supported by the teachers and inspired by my cohort. MAHA has a special energy and the program is designed in a way that feels challenging yet spacious. I like having three focused and full days of class per week, and then have four days off to integrate and enjoy the beauty of Maui. I came here from the mainland and I was a bit nervous to settle into a new place and community, but MAHA created a sense of home and support right away. 


The student clinic is an incredible experience where I’ve gotten the opportunity to develop my own flow and be more confident with my work. I’m also very impressed by the folks who come into the clinic, for their warmth, and for their openness to give feedback and help us all grow into better massage therapists." - Matt D, student Spring 2021