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Fall 2023/Spring 2024!


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E Komo Mai…….


Our vision at Maui Academy of Healing Arts is to provide a passionate, progressive and holistic education that will be a student's foundation to excellence as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  


We dedicate ourselves to guiding you in the discovery of your own unique expression of healing artistry by integrating core concepts of Eastern, Western and traditional Hawaiian approaches to therapeutic bodywork. 


Training your entire body to succeed by using dynamic applications is our focus, while we also guide you in sharpening your heart and mind to compassionately embrace those you serve.


We honor ourselves, so that we may deeply honor those we touch.  

Me ke aloha pau 'ole.

Maui Academy of Healing Arts

founded 1988

Contact us....

161 Hana Hwy.

Paia, HI 96779


808.879.4484 FAX

Thank you for your interest in our school! An administrator will contact you very soon. Please feel free to contact us via phone if you have immediate questions. Mahalo!


What the professionals say - 

"As I teach seminars all over the world, I must say that the Maui Academy of Healing Arts in Kihei, Hawai'i was beyond a pleasant surprise.


The school is very contemporary, and has a positive energy beyond description. The decor has classic photos and amazing art work that is so traditional of the healing environment of Hawaii. But even more amazing, was kindness shown by the Principal, Carmel Andrews. If I was considering attending a massage school,  I would fall in love with this place for so many reasons.


As a published author and International Presenter I can assure you I will return to teach at this school every year until I retire from this great manual therapy profession. Mahalo! "


-James Waslaski LMT, AA, CPT (NASM) 

Author & International Presenter 

Massage Hall of Fame 2008

What our students say - 

"I had no idea what to expect when I applied to the Maui Academy of Healing Arts. 


What I got was a full experience. Total immersion. A deep dive into the body, mind and soul; complete with the rewards of knowledge, wisdom, confidence and world class skill. The four day a week class format makes the program like a full time job, but the workload is balanced so well! Getting to live in the student house on the property really made the experience feel complete. Living and learning and growing with peers that I can now call life-long friends. 

It’s a lot at first. Absorbing so much information about the structure and functions of the human body every morning for the first two months. Thankfully Pa’ia Bay beach is just a five minute walk down the road and we get plenty of time for a swim during lunch break! In the afternoons we are introduced to a variety of modalities from a whole range of very experienced professionals and we get to practice on each other while under careful supervision by our teachers. It’s easy to see that each student is cared for. The teachers knew us all as individuals, each on their own journey with their own strengths and weaknesses. Each with their own optimal way of receiving gentle reminders about proper technique and efficient body mechanics. 

It was such a joy to watch each of my classmates grow and gain confidence as professional massage therapists! Our time in the clinic really felt like our time to shine. Practicing on members of the public from all walks of life, getting constructive feedback, getting to see your classmates evolve, all while knowing that an instructor is right there behind you and they've got everyone's back.


There are so many massage schools out there, decisions aren’t always easy. If you can feel MAHA calling out to you, jump in! I did too and I couldn’t be happier with my decision, I have grown in so many unexpected ways AND I landed a full-time position before graduation!" -Ansel A., Spring 2022 Graduate

Maui Academy of Healing Arts is a space for growth, community, and healing. The 600-hour LMT program left me with full confidence in my knowledge about the body and how to work with it. Each instructor I worked with provided me with new insight and connection, I learned more than I could have ever imagined.


The pace of the program is perfectly intense, it’s the happy medium of rigor and play. The time and care Carmel put into creating the program is evident, each modality she includes is prevalent to being a well-rounded Massage Therapist. From Swedish to Thai to Lomi Lomi, my favorite of all the modalities we were introduced to is Cranial Sacral Therapy. The idea that such light touch can yield such incredible results within the nervous system and the client intrigued me, and the way Carmel took her time to teach us so
thoroughly is something I greatly appreciate.


That seems to be the theme with this program although it is quite fast paced, each and every instructor took their time to teach us in the most comprehensive, hands-on way possible. I never worried about asking too many dumb questions or embarrassing myself, this is an environment that facilitates growth on all fronts and is judgement free. I had the opportunity to live in the student housing behind the school with three other classmates, something that I would highly recommend to anyone considering. The
morning commute is less than ten steps, and the relationships I made with my fellow classmates will stay with me for a lifetime. This program changed my life! -Jocelyn L. Spring 2022 Graduate

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