Aloha everyone, and kind blessings for all of you,

What an adventure, no? Sometimes a swift kick to to all we hold dear is the best place to plant and grow seeds of change. I know it all too well, as the very reason I am here reaching out to you today was born of painful and frightening change in my life.

I spend a little bit of each day deciding if I want to take this opportunity to fail. To close the school and slip out the back door and tell myself, "its wasnt your fault".  Its extremely enticing to get permission to bail out when you're in charge. Id be dishonest if I said otherwise.The future is unknown, and I am responsible for whatever it holds.

I also spend a little of each day now reminding myself to be brave, that the new place we will find ourselves in as a profession will be more important than ever. Therapeutic touch will perhaps regain some of its reverence and mystique, while simultaneously groaning into more widely accepted applications of how we educate and why. Our vocation was ripe for change before this crisis, and its going to explode with potential after it has passed.

I AM willing to be brave now, to have courage to represent this incredibly important part of how we exist and thrive, and to shore up my bridge to the healing of my fellow humans. Our school will remain, and we will be ready for what the future brings. We plan to create the most innovative and enriched program on the planet using what we've learned from having to weather this obstacle, and what we already know is the future of this indispensable need we all share, and cannot grow at all without.

If you are considering our August program and beyond, reach out to us, let us know who you are and where you are. Lets make change together and shore each other up. It may be the most incredible year ever!

Some highlights...

We will be creating a hybrid online program that will accommodate a night/part time schedule need. 

We are reaching out to global educators from all corners to participate in interactive, round table format discussion to expose a world of specialty to our classes.

We will be crafting an advanced specialty certification in order to better accommodate students who wish to practice in their home state requiring 750 hours or more. 

Together, we can do this. 

Mahalo nui loa,

Carmel Andrews LMT


Maui Academy of Healing Arts 



DOE# 0719-1014